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Estate Planning.

  This includes wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and probate.  My life’s work has involved helping people plan for the later years of life.  If you have a plan that needs review, or if you have no plan at all, I can assure you that you will gain peace of mind through my services. 

Please consider this from my Philosophy about Estate Planning . . . .

All adults have some experience with death.  A grand parent, parent, sibling, spouse or other relative, or a friend may have passed under any number of circumstances.  It is a time of grief, mourning and a time for reflection.  It is not a good time for  . . . . .

John Wyeth teaches that you do have a choice, and the solutions are easier than you might think.    . . .  A plan that is well understood.   . . . .for gentle and compassionate grieving to take precedence at the time of death – because many of the technical and financial decisions have already been made, and there is little left to do. . . . .

 The beneficiaries are freed from doubt, worry and uncertainty, and live confidently knowing what the future holds, even after the loss that they hope will never come.

 . . .  knowledge replaces worry, certainty replaces the unknown, and organization replaces chaos. Simply put, it’s -- a plan.   Avoiding probate, reducing costs including taxes, and safeguarding assets are just fortunate byproducts of the plan whose real value is summed up in one word – Peace. 

To learn more about John Wyeth’s Philosophy about Estate Planning, click here:
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To gain a better understanding of Estate Planning including Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and more, click here:
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Real Estate.
  The purchase and sale of residential and commercial property.  Leases and Landlord tenant issue. If your question involves land and/or buildings, I will be able to assist you.

  Formation of existing businesses, issues affecting businesses, and the purchase and sale of businesses.

These three areas often overlap, and it is important to seek the counsel of an attorney that can see how one may impact the other. 

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